Synchronize & Standardize Your Marketing, Then Stand out From The Pack

In professional services, we all have little time, and everyone expects a delivery mechanism that is instant these days. So, I’m not surprised when I experience so many companies delivering communication collateral and media programs that do little, or nothing to complement their identity, brand positioning, or company standards.  In fact, most times companies don’t develop standards for their communication programs.

A well synchronized program always holds my attention and makes me read the sub copy; possibly because I’m in that industry, but more likely because whatever the messages may be, their orchestration is purposeful and professional – and will cause more response than others.

Think about the last marketing collateral you remember. Be it via email, snail mail, at a retailer or a trade show, you most likely invested the longest attention to a well balanced use of identity, colors, language, logos, text and cleanliness. Typically two or three pieces of collateral, or possibly a link to a landing page from an electronically delivered advertisement, which has harmony, will have you delving for more and warming to the message and the brand. Moreover, prompting response to the piece.

This takes time and strategy, but it’s worth the investment. People want to be sold, but nowadays they call it “engagement marketing.” Sure, the Facebook recommendations are great for business, but even those pages need to reflect your identity, and should be well balanced with the right amount of messaging – integrated with your web site, email campaigns, Twitter page, sales collateral, and trade show materials. Most of this well orchestrated communication programming should take place well before your first advertisement hits the streets. It should be thought of in the earliest stages of developing your corporate messaging and identity – then rolled out systematically to build a well balanced brand awareness.

When you invest the time and strategies to your communication programs, your message will stand out from the crowd and gain a brand awareness that should be the foundation of measurable marketing.

Michael Walsh is principal of Launchpad Boston; A creative communication group, based in Boston’s Financial District. He can be reached at:

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